Young Man Style tips: How to Dress Sharp and Look Good

Fashion and style have been a fairly female-oriented subject for a long time. However, men have now become subjects of interest in the fashion world over the years.

 Women should no longer be the only ones dressing properly and triggering fashion trends in the world.

As a young man, one of the things you have to be concerned with is your looks. Before you say anything, here are some of the reasons why.

Why take Care of Your Looks?

  • They totally affect the first impression; your clothes determine the attitude other people will have over you, especially when you meet for the first time.
  • It affects your social life; you will probably have more people coming around when you look great all the time. No one wants to hang out with the weird guy who is always wearing baggy outdated clothes.
  • Shows maturity and responsibility; proper dressing helps people tell you and an irresponsible person apart. People will have some level of respect for you and sometimes entrust you with certain tasks because; if you can take care of yourself like that, you can handle anything else.
  • Builds self-esteem; when you look good, and people appreciate you, you gain confidence. Sometimes you can get out of a bad mood by dressing up and going out.

Now that we know why it is imperative to keep our physical appearance on check, here are some factors to consider before you get out of your house.

Taste in Style

There is a long- term superstition that men are hopeless when it comes to matters of dressing up. While there is quite a percentage of men who need help in the closet sector, others are great at it.

If you are in the category of the latter, it is advisable to get a friend who is good in styling to teach and supervise you. You will be amazed at how the fashion industry has embraced the evolution of men’s fashion and style.

Have a role model; whether it is a celebrity, a friend or anyone whose style you admire. That will inspire you to be more fashionable.

Be Appropriate

No matter what you wear, ensure it is within the acceptable standards of decency. There is no apparent dictation on the matter; rather, make decisions based on what other people would find comfortable to see.

Wearing your pants halfway down the thighs or clothes with inappropriate writings, whether sexist, racist or vulgar, goes a long way to spoil your image. Make sure your clothes fit you well and portray a gentleman’s persona.

Choose Quality

It is sadly a true case that to most people, buying cheap, poor quality clothes is a better idea than an expensive piece of clothing.

Remember that quality is not supposed to be cheap. That expensive clothing is authentic, from quality material and is durable; totally worth the money.

 It even gives a good impression of you. Even though you may not have a lot of money, whatever you have, use it to buy something worthwhile.

After all, the cost is insignificant since you will either buy many cheap clothes frequently or a few quality clothes every once in a while.

Deal with Wear and Tear

Make time for your closet. Look for clothes and shoes that are worn out, faded, irreparably damaged or have impossibly stubborn stains and eliminate them.

 If not so terrible, you can wear at home on lazy days. However, do not attempt to go out in public with it. You never know who you may come across.

Shoe Wear

 Shoes are amazingly important when it comes to fashionable wearing. I know most young men just have about 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, which they wear interchangeably.

 If you want to change your style of dressing, you will have to budget for more pairs. Confirm that your shoes are compatible with your outfit.

Dull-colored shoes are suitable since they fit any clothes. Also, try as much as possible to avoid flip-flops or weird sandals, which are completely outrageous on some occasions. Sneakers are a good idea; they are casual and comfortable.

The branding on your shoes should be as minimal as possible, and solid colors work perfectly well.

Shop with a Friend

Whether you are professional in fashion or simply clueless, it is always a good idea to tag a friend or friends, if possible, along with when you go shopping.

 A second or third eye is quite important. A good one at choosing styles is an even better idea. It is like sampling a population. Moreover, your friend can teach you a thing or two along the way, and you can have fun.

Make Inquiries

Still on the topic of shopping, always ask questions. Communicate with the seller, ask them about some clothes, the material, matching outfit and cost benefit.

However, some salespeople just aim to make huge and expensive purchases. Just steer them to focus on how the clothes you are buying will make a positive contribution to your dressing styles.

The Occasion

If there is one thing that will make you be noticed, either in a good or bad way, it is dressing to occasion. Sadly, some men have no compass of the occasion when it comes to dressing. They show up at funerals with bright and multi-colored clothes, t-shirts, awkward hats and sandals during meetings; all of which leave them sticking out like a sore thumb.

Learn to read the room. Wear professional and casual when the occasion calls for it. Even in casual places like dinner, go for the plain t-shirt, instead of your Superman tee shirt. It exudes a sense of maturity and coolness.

Hand Ornaments

Surprisingly, the hand’s decorations are powerful complements to your general looks. Yes, many people prefer to keep their hands plain.

However, you may find that wearing a watch or bracelet is even better. Just ensure it is casual and medium-sized to moderate its effect and make you comfortable. You can wear a bracelet that suits the outfit.

 Whenever you put on some hand décor, make it visible. Do not hide it inside your sleeves; otherwise, it is just pointless. If the sleeves are too long, you can leave the watch or band. Avoid wearing too many rings. It is a trend among the youth, but it mostly does not portray a good image.

Your Body Size

 This aspect is the basis for every clothes you buy and wear. You should measure and know your waist size, height, and hip diameter. Trust me; this is not overkilled. Even when buying clothes, the seller will want to know your size.

 You can place yourself in a general category of clothes, and your clothes will always fit. In addition, it saves the time taken to take your measurements repeatedly. Keep tabs on your body size such that in case you add or drop weight; you can adjust your closet accordingly.

Skin Tone

Another aspect, which is a bit tricky. If you have pale skin and light features, darker colors like brown, dark blue, burgundy and bottle green are advisable. Avoid soft lighter shades that will wash you out.

For medium skin; that is olive skin, go for the extremes and avoid colors that are too close to your undertone such as some hues of yellow. And finally yet importantly, for dark skin, you can wear bright colors such as blue and green.

Avoid too many colors and instead, settle for two colors that complement each other. This, however, does not mean that there are rules you must follow when choosing the clothes to wear. If you are confident enough that your choice of clothes is on point, then you can wear whatever colors you want.

Be Comfortable

There is no point of dressing up all cool and stylish if you will spend every two minutes adjusting your clothes here and there.

Your clothes should fit properly; not too tight, such that you strain at every movement and not too loose that it hangs from your body. Do not be embarrassed to buy that large-sized shirt or pair of pants just because everyone else is choosing medium.

Be comfortable with who you are. As for shoes, make sure they fit with a small allowance beyond the big toe. If you outgrow any pair, stop wearing it. Such discomfort gives birth to weird postures and walking styles.

Hair Care

When you are out there, one thing people never miss to check out is your hair. There are so many new hairstyles nowadays, and some of them are, well, difficult to appreciate.

Even the long unkempt hair is a thing now. If you want to look like a proper gentleman amidst all this chaos, the rules are quite simple.

Keep your Hair Clean; if possible, wash it every day as you shower.

  • Comb it; ensure your hair is neatly combed or you can add a simple style, probably an undercut on the side or a short Mohawk.
  • You can keep its natural color or add a dark shade. Otherwise, leave the crazy hair-dos and hair colors to younger more venturous lads.
  • Trim it; short hair is easy to maintain and appealing to the eye.
  • Even when you are keeping long hair or dreadlocks, maintain hygiene.

Maintain your Clothes

 The room of a man, specifically a bachelor, is pictured to be all messy with clothes all over the place. This is not true, at least not entirely. Responsible men take care of their clothes. As a young man, you should keep your clothes neat.

Make a schedule to clean them, iron the relevant ones and fold or hang them in a clean, dry place. Fix small damages and undone buttons.

Have a basket for dirty laundry to avoid mixing them with clean ones, stepping on or dragging them around the house.


 Have a mirror in your room; a full-size is advisable and make use of it. Whenever you are dressed and ready to go, pass by the mirror.

Ensure the outfit is appropriate and smart, straighten out creases, make adjustments and take a look at your hair and face.

This may prove difficult due to the claim that spending hours on the mirror is a ladies’ thing. Well, making a full scan of yourself before stepping out will only take a few minutes.

 Besides, you do not want to go out and talk to people while you have residue soap on your hair, or shaving cream, or something on your teeth.

It is not only embarrassing but also a deal breaker. Especially if the occasion was the first date, some people try make-up. It is totally okay if you are comfortable and you know how to do it.

Have Confidence

As you put on your outfit, put on your confidence too. Have certainty that whatever you are wearing suits you well.

Stand up straight, hold your head high; literally, and smile. Even if you are wearing a perfect well-fitted suit, a hunched back, fidgeting and doubt can ruin it.

You have to wear it and own it. Whenever someone complements you, smile and thank them, do not indicate that you are doubtful about the comment.

 One way to boost your confidence is having knowledge about the clothes you are wearing. Are they fitting? Are they right for the occasion? Are they complementary to some other features? Whom do they make me look like? Once you answer that, you can easily adopt confidence.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, young men hold the world of fashion and inventive designs. They should take advantage of that opportunity always to look smart, neat, clean and acceptable.

Whether casual or professional, people will always see and appreciate the good looks. It is an easy way to build your confidence.

You may even increase your chances of romantic endeavors or nailing it on an interview. Set a goal and follow the tips to transform or improve yourself into a new good-looking likable young man.



Fashion allows me to push the limitation of creativity and express myself without saying a word. Semi-Formal Men is my not so formal fashion blog. I’m a very easy person to talk to, so please feel free to contact me anytime. :)

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