Bearded men appear confident, older and aggressive. Research states that 80% of women prefer bearded men than non-bearded men.

Though it is not the sole reason, most men maintain beards it is a major contributing factor. Beards illustrate power, confidence, and dominance in most men.

men looking for these aspects tend to keep facial hairs. Beards also show confidence and manhood.

Style and fashion are not only measured by clothes and accessories in men-but having an attractive facial expression is a plus.

More and more men are evolving from the professional clean-shaven faces to bearded and dominant faces. Maintaining a beard also protects men from direct UV lights on their face that is known to cause skin cancer.

Additionally, it protects them from acne caused by regular trimming of beards.

Maintaining a stylish beard is essential to add a fashion taste in a man. Top 13 men shaving style/ beard styles for men includes:

Bandholz Beard

The bandholz beard derived from a graphic designer known as Eric Bandholz. He started growing the beard in 2011 though he received a lot of criticism from his workmates.

The bandholz beard is a distinctive type of beard that features a full beard that is connected to a mustache. The bearded man is at liberty to determine the size of the beard length, as its range is not restricted.

The mustache needs regular grooming to ensure its neat and well kept. However, the mustache should not extend above the upper lip, while the edges of the mustache should perfectly blend underneath the beard.

For a proper bandholz beard style its base should be rounded near the edges and bottom of the beard should always be even.

It takes an average of 10-12 months to grow-after full growth it needs maintenance for it to be ideal. Men with oval and round faces are best suited for this type of beard style.

It is a stylish beard, and many men are growing this type of beard. It shows command and sophistication in a man.

If you are looking for something to blend with your fashion taste and modern style tastes it is the ideal beard style for you.

Garibaldi Style Beard

It is a popular men shaving style beard styles for men that you can rock with pride. The beard was worn by a Giuseppe Garibaldi, a general in 1919. It beautifully combines a mustache and a full beard.

The beard needs to have a rounded and broad base. The beard is allowed to grow its natural state but requires regular grooming to ensure it is neat. The beard is raised to a length of approximately 20 cm.

It is an ideal beard for men with a large frame and oval or rectangular faces. It is a stylish beard style for men looking to keep unkempt hair. The beard needs beard oil for nourishment and to eliminate dry skin.

Warrior Style Beard

It is a full-grown beard with two long braids. It takes a lot of time to develop into the desired shape. It also requires thick and dense facial hair for a desired good outcome.

A warrior beard represents power and control. It is an excellent style of beard especially if you are looking to command and instill fear in your subjects. It seems stylish and mostly used by men in authority.

Extended Goatee Beard

Also referred as tailback beard or Hollywoodian beard. It is merely a combination of a goatee and mustache.

You can rock this style by directly shaping your hair extensions. It leaves out sideburns and incorporates a beard and a mustache.

This style matches well with square and rectangular shaped faces. It takes a few weeks to reach maximum and desired growth.

You can either opt to let your beard grow then shape later or shape first and make it rise to the desired length. Shaping after desired increase gives better results than forming first.

The best period for a goatee is between 10 to 16 mm. However, you can opt for a longer or shorter length.

Massaging it regularly with beard oil gives the beard a better and sophisticated look on the beards man.

Ensure you groom it periodically. Additionally, the facial hairs will need to be systematically extend from the goatee and stretch along the jawline.

Stubble Beard

It is a stylish type of beard for men who view full beard as unkempt. It is just a simple type of beard that is very easy to maintain.

Additionally, it is a professional type of beard, and it is not restricted in many professional setting like full beards.

If you are looking to rock with simplicity, this is the perfect style of beard you should consider.

The beard has been recently shaved, but it is growing though not fully developed. The facial hair is short, and the beard is rough and can be itchy.

It is ideal for men who produce acne after shaving or with any other type of skin allergies. You can choose to style your beard as you please since it does not have any specified kind of style.

You can even proceed to grow it to a full beard or goatee if you wish.

They are four types of stubble beard styles including:

  • The traditional style-it only requires regular trimming and maintenance.
  • Well-shaped style-adding beard oil to short facial hairs gives a gorgeous beard style that is well-shaped.
  • Heavy stubble-waiting for many weeks before trimming your beard leads to a high dense facial hair. It is rocking and gives confidence to a man.
  • Simple stubble-maintaining your facial length at a medium width. Proper grooming and nourishment make this style beautiful.

Verdi Style Beard

It is a type of a full beard. It is among the top list of men shaving style beard styles for men that you can rock with pride.

The bottom of the beard should always be rounded and short. It also incorporates a neatly styled mustache.

The mustache should limit its growth to 1.5 cm beyond the mouth at the corner.

A Giuseppe Verdi influenced the beard world in the 19th century. It is not a new beard in the beard style fashion, but its recent popularity makes its stylish in the current fashion trend in the market.

It’s mostly worn by men who feel sophisticated and want to be out of the ordinary.

It matches well with faces that are triangular. Your facial hairs need to be thicker near the front than the cheek.

Having these type of hairs unveil the Verdi’s mustache. The mustache needs to be properly trimmed and separated from the beard to show the Verdi’s style.

Circle Beard

A mustache and chin strap meet to form a full circle. It is a perfect style for men looking for a neat appearance. Most men who despise full beard settle for this type of beard style.

It is advantageous as you don’t have to be compromised in your area of work for keeping “unkempt facial hairs.” It is a professional look matched with style.

Its maintenance tips are simple. You only need to maintain the circle nature of the beard. It is a convenient way to conceal defaults on your jawline.

Cocktail Beard

There is no better way to rock as a man than with a cocktail beard. The beard has a resemblance to a tail of a duck.

The hair along the chin is allowed to grow naturally, and a man is allowed to determine the maximum or desired length of growth.

However, the upper part of the man’s beard is restricted to growth and trimmed regularly.

It is a perfect style of beard for someone who does not grow thick hair at the upper cheek. Complements with diamond, round, triangular or rectangular faces.

Leonardo Dicaprio is a public figure who is frequently spotted with the rocking cocktail beard. It reveals sophistication and professionalism on the wearer.

Anchor Beard

Hugh Jackman rocks an anchor beard. The beard drew its name from a nautical ship tool-due to its resemblance.

For a perfect look with an anchor beard, the bearded man needs not to have sideburns. The beard should beautifully extend the jawline and then shaped to a point.

The point of the beard needs to be connected to a mustache which is pencil shaped. The connection gives an anchor shape.

It’s a unique type of beard style-if you’re looking to be outstanding this is the perfect style for you.

Its pencil shaped mustache adds glamour to your face. The anchor beard makes a face seems a little slimmer and adds beauty to the look.

Mutton Chops Beard

Sideburns extend on the sides of the cheek without any connection to the mustache or hair on the chin.

You can opt to maintain the mutton chops with a mustache or without. Keeping it with a mustache gives a confident and admirable look.

You often look aggressive a trait many women admire in men. It is a real beard and a rocking type of beard.

It is simple to maintain, and constant nourishment makes your face glow and the beard will flourish.

Balbo Beard Style

Robert Downey has rocked this beard with style for a couple of years. You need to grow your beard to a full beard before deciding to shape it to a Balbo beard style.

Once the beard has grown, you can comfortably use a sharp razor to trim it. The facial hair on the bottom of the lip should be separated from the mustache.

The mustache needs to be curving upwards on the edges. Massaging beard oil on the board ensures that you prevent dry scalp and irritating dry hair.

Van Dyke Beard

It is derived from Antony Van Dyke, a painter in the 17th century. Despite being ancient, it is the most evolving beard style for modern men.

It is among the most rocking men shaving techniques: Beard style for men that you can rock with pride in 2019.

It combines a goatee and mustache. It is a type of full beard and requires thick and dense facial hairs.

To achieve the style you need to shave the hair near the cheek, sideburns, and neck. The shape of the beard should resemble an inverted T.

The goatee and mustache forms a V shape, and the configuration should always be maintained. It needs regular trimming for it to be desirable.

Lined up Beard

Drake is well known to rock the a lined up beard style. He is a world recording artist and him selecting this type of beard makes it likable to many of its followers.

This type of beard requires regular trimming and adequate maintenance. Well-trimmed lines should clearly define the edges of the beard and sideburns.

A regular visit to a professional barber is essential if you want to rock like Drake.

It matches with all shapes of faces-since you are independent of selecting lines that suit you. You also need to nourish your face for a better and stylish look.


The above are the top men shaving styles beard styles for men that you can rock with pride.

However, for you to roll with a specific beard style, you need to scrutinize your facial hairs and shape of your face.

Some beard styles suit certain face forms better. Grooming is essential for the beard to look beautiful and well maintained.

The urge for sophisticated and confident looks is raising in many men. Every beard man understands the need to grow facial hairs to achieve a certain look and feel in the world.

For many years maintaining beard has been overshadowed. However, in the recent generation, more men are finding it stylish to rock beards.

In addition to enhancing looks on men, they can comfortably hide their facial defects. It is an excellent way to prevent cancer on your skin and allergens reaching your noise.

Every man should rock a desired and chic beard style that is comfortable.



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