In the process of transitioning from a boy to a man, it is difficult to keep up with all the fashion tips that you are provided with, and you may end up committing some fashion flaws. Looking good is a favor you do to yourself, and many young men fail to recognize that.

This attitude is toxic and has a lot of unforeseen consequences. looking stylish and glamorous increases your self-worth and give you internal happiness.

There are many flops that young men make with their fashion that they need to correct for better grooming. Before I address those flops, I will first talk about the reasons why dressing fashionably is important.

It Gets you a Job Easier

A well-groomed young man has a higher probability of landing a better job because your appearance will help companies creates a perception of a good organization, and they love that.

 Your prospective employer is not only interested in your skills, but they are also concerned about the image you create for their organization.

 A sharply dressed young man has the potential to attract more customers and make them feel safe receiving service from the organization.

Also, the first impression you make as you arrive for an interview is significant as the employer is also human and will judge you from how you look at the first instance.

Attract the Right Ladies

As a young man, you need to attract the right kind of people especially potential partners. Grooming the right way is one way to attract the right type of person.

 A good sense of fashion will always catch the attention of that girl who matters. Who knows? This could be a way to get your ideal wife!

Improve your Self-Esteem

When you see that you have worn the right attire, your confidence is over the roof. This boost of confidence if vital and works as a motivation to conquer most of the obstacle you may experience along the way.

 You always have to be physically and mentally ready, there is not much you can’t achieve when you are physically and mentally ready for the world.

Attract the Right Company

As you grow, your goal should be to seek out positive influence and company, and as a young man there is no way to achieve this by walking with different minded people.

The saying ‘A bird of a feather flies together’ is very practical in this instance. You will attract well-dressed men and women in your life when you are dressed similarly. This will help bring a positive vibe and a clique of friends with whom you can share beautiful ideas.

Commands your Respect

It is without any doubt that a well-dressed person whether male or female despite their age receives a lot of respect. Therefore, if you are concerned about people’s perception of you, then it is high time you start dressing correctly.

There is no better feeling than that of people paving the way for you because of the way you present yourself. Respect bares many results as it gives you a considerable advantage in society.

 In most instances, you will always be prioritized when something important happens because of your look and the way you present yourself makes you seem mature.

Fashion Mistakes Men Make

As you strive to look good to savor the benefits that I have highlighted above, there are several tips you need to follow to look good as a gentleman, and you need to heed to them to the letter.

You are required to do more research on those tips on how to groom perfectly as a young man. However, there are some mistakes that you can make in the process which is not a crime because an error is to human.

There are however some mistakes that are not worth committing and can draw back your progress of grooming properly to the dogs. Here are some of the style mistake every man should avoid at all cost.

Wearing Beaten or Worn Out Shoes

It doesn’t matter how good the rest of your attire looks. When you wear a dirty, worn out or beaten shoe, everything goes back to the basics, and your whole look is messed up badly.

 The shoe is what defines a man at most times, and when you have a bad one, you look as ugly as the shoe you are wearing.

 It is therefore important to invest in a good shoe that will improve your look and match it up correctly with the rest of the attire.

 A good shoe complements the good look of the rest of the attire and completes the perfect fashionable style.


Deep v-neck that exposes the deeper part of your hefty is disgusting. For the sake of fashion and humanity, avoid such clothes at all costs. The better you patch up that part of the body the better you look.

What’s more, some people have very badly groomed chests with overgrown hair, yet they care to expose it to the public.

There is no one interested in your chest unless you have some boyish intentions. You should behave like a man. Grow up!

Assuming Branded Clothing is Always Fashionable

There is some weird perception that if you have worn a certain brand, you are in no doubt well dressed. This may be the problem of the adverts and marketing strategies employed by these companies to scale up with your sense of fashion.

 The best way to go is to put on plan clothes with no branded names or any other drawings or writings.

 Some attire worn by young men looks ridiculous and childish with logos covering the whole of the cloth and in most instances the large logos placed at the back pockets of male attire.

For a better look, it is rather to seek for the services of your local tailor or buy non-printed clothing.

Putting on Socks with Sandals

This may be permitted in the house because it is a measure of providing comfort and chasing away cold.

However, for God’s sake, do not leave your house with such an odd look. People who wear that way regardless of gender look like clowns.

The best way is to get rid of such attire the moment you get out of your house.

Excess Color Combinations

It is a fact that wearing several carefully matched up colors improve one’s look and makes you stand out of the rest of the crowd.

 However, do not stand out for the wrong reasons. Some young men overdo their color combinations clashing a lot of colors together creating an unintended funny look. You are not trying to look like a rainbow but to look good.

Every time you want to combine some color, it is important to look at the mirror and criticize your look without bias. Shed off some color!

Excess Accessories

Most of the accessories such as a wristwatch are meant to complement your look and add some glamour. However, some young men overdo it either intentionally or by accident.

For those who do it by accident. It is an important policy to place only one accessory in each part of your body, that is if you have to do it at all.

for those who do it intentionally, you need to correct your style, it is boring.

Assuming you Know Everything Fashion

The biggest mistake you would make as a young man is to assume you know everything whether in a fashion of other matters of life.

 You have a lot to learn, and you are just a young man. It is always important to give a lending ear for listening to advise from the people who know and have experience.

 You will be surprised to realize that what you think you know is unfounded and bears very little truth to it.

Wearing long T-shirts

Some young men have some twisted love for long t-shirts, and they look awful in them.

you need to understand that your shirt or t-shirt needs to reach several inches below the waist and anything longer than that is excess.

Wearing Sandals at All Times

Sandals were designed for the beach or the pool. However, some men have an ‘addiction’ to wearing sandals everywhere they go as if it were their shadow with the guise that it allows breath-ability.

Sandals deny you the chance to look sharp, and some shoes allow breath-ability, so you do not have to put sandals at all time.

Wearing Jerseys Every Time

I must admit that this is something I see most of the time, jerseys are for wearing when you are in the house or when you are going to a match.

The rest of the venues are for other stylish attire. Some people have some weird love for jerseys that they will appear with it in your wedding. What a shame! Please don’t do it!

Leaving your Clothes Laying Around the Floor

Does this sound familiar to you? Almost every man has some problem with the organization of not only clothes but life generally.

It is like some chronic disease. There are however some men who have a perfect sense of organization and arrange their closet wonderfully. You need to learn from such people if you have this problem now that you are a gentleman.

The best way to avoid this mess is to create spaces for each type of attire and buy a bin to place any dirty clothing.

 Leaving your clothes on the floor could attract stains and make your clothing more susceptible to tear.

Buying Clothes with Future Expectations

This fact may sound funny, but it happens in reality. Some people buy clothing with prospects of either building muscle, shedding off some fat or at times gaining weight.

This is not an aim to squash your resolutions, but you need to live in the moment. After all, you cannot anticipate the exact size you will be once you have attained your desired size.

 In men’s grooming, the fit is always key, and it is always important to try your clothes at the shop.

Not Trying your Clothes

The fit is always king in men’s fashion, and you need to have a sense of fashion to look good. There are different ways of buying clothing, especially online with the recent trends in technology.

However, as much as buying clothes online offers you convenience, it may be your first step towards a fashion flop.

It is vital to try out clothing especially for suits to ensure they fit you perfectly. Even if you have the exact measurement for your clothing different brand sizes vary and some may not fit you like others.

Wearing a tie with Short Sleeved Shirts

Wherever this trend of wearing a tie in short sleeve came from needs some divine sense of fashion intervention.

 It is one of the weirdest looks you can ever see, that is if it ever happened. A tie deserves to be worn with long sleeved shirts at all times because it is the ideal look.

Dressing like Other People

As a gentleman, you need to be yourself because it gives you a sense of self-worth. There is nothing as demeaning to self as not valuing yourself.

You should define your style of fashion and make it your own. Dressing like other people does not mean you will look like them. You might even look worst and this might hinder your self-esteem. BE yourself!

Poor Attitude Towards Self Grooming

The “I woke up, and I do not care attitude” is a childish attitude that you should shed off as you become a gentleman.

Wearing some outfit like sweatpants, flip flops, and hoodies could damage your appearance and people’s perception of you will change.

 It might not seem consequential at the moment, but you will realize the damage you have created as you get older.


First of all, this is so outdated even for those who cherished the style. for you to be a well-groomed gentleman, some behaviors should not be shared.

It is important to put on some fitting trousers and tack in your shirt if you are wearing official clothing. Some behaviors are an abuse of decency! Sagging is one of those behaviors.

Final Thoughts

The above mistakes that young men make are not the kind you should forget. There are many other mistakes you make as a young man that ought not to happen, and you can also do some more digging in to finding out more from different perspective.

If you follow the tips for grooming as a young man, there is a lot you ought to gain.



Fashion allows me to push the limitation of creativity and express myself without saying a word. Semi-Formal Men is my not so formal fashion blog. I’m a very easy person to talk to, so please feel free to contact me anytime. :)

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