With the sun out and temperatures up, you know how hot summer gets. Dressing up during summer may be challenging with fewer options unlike spring, fall or winter where you can have a lot of fun experimenting with layers.

During summer, adding more than one layer to your outfit will get your body over-heated and leave you drowning in a pool of your sweat, and that is the last thing you will want to experience.

The goal is to dress in style at the same time being able to remain comfortable. So how do you achieve this without causing your body to over-heat?

You don’t need extra layering to look good. You can still look good in a single layer and investing in summer-appropriate clothing will again enable you to incorporate layers into your outfit without leaving you in a sweaty mess.

Here are some tips on tackling the hot weather and appropriate clothing options I would recommend that will not only keep you away from sweating like a roasted pig but also keep your summer style hard to beat.

Ideal Summer Fabrics

If you always end up overheating and breaking out in sweat during summer, chances are you probably have the high temperatures and scorching sun to blame. While you might not be entirely wrong, there is more to it than you think.

Poor air circulation is an additional cause to troubles as the clothes you might be wearing may be preventing your skin from “breathing” leading to overheating and excessive sweating.

That is why shorts feel more comfortable on hot weather because they allow air circulation on your surface, making them a popular choice among men during summer.

Additionally, you may be able to put on your favorite pants during summer provided they are made from summer-appropriate fabrics.

Suitable summer fabrics should be lightweight and breathable. Here are some of these fabrics:


Summer clothes are mostly made from cotton. Cotton comes in several varieties, and you should always keep a keen eye when shopping for your summer garments to be sure they are cloth made.

Always check the label and ensure the item you are buying is 100% cotton. Don’t buy clothes with a combination of rayon or polyester as these materials don’t display summer-appropriate characteristics.

To test for breathability of an item, put it over your mouth and try breathing, if you are forced to suck hard to get air, then the piece has poor breathability and vice versa.

To test for its weight, hold the item a foot away from a light source, and if you can see through it, then the piece is lightweight and vice versa.

The ideal cotton varieties for summer include seersucker, chambray, and Madras.

You can go with a cotton T-shirt and trousers or opt for a cotton shirt and blazer if you need a smarter look.


Linen is a sturdy and durable fabric. Although not a favorite to many, linen is breathable, super lightweight and absorbs moisture exceptionally.

Linen is resistant to stretching thus does not lose shape. It’s easy to dress and layer. When wearing linen, I recommend you go for a classic blazer or full suit suitable for work or party.

Tropical Weight Wool

Although wool is heavily associated with keeping warm and the coldness of winter, tropical weight wool can be worn all year round.

With reduced weight and thinner fibers, tropical fleece is not just lighter but also highly breathable.

Drying faster than cotton adds a lot to its desirable characteristics making it a great fabric to invest in. Tropical wool is simplistic to dress and especially makes nice suits.


Silk is among the lightest fabrics you can go for and a popular choice for dressed up occasions.

Silk is cool to wear and does not feel heavy especially when layered with other materials.

The downside to silk is it’s very delicate whereby direct sunlight quickly breaks down its fibers damaging the material. Silk makes the best summer shirts regardless.

Colors to Wear During Summer

Unlike in winter or fall where colors tend to be dark or muted, during summer the colors tend to be bright or light presenting the opportunity to wear and test out different colors.

 However, you should never go for extremely bright colors, and men’s outfits don’t require more than one brightly colored piece.

Lighter and brighter colors reflect light keeping your body cool during the hot summer weather. As you know, dark colors absorb heat.

Therefore, you should avoid clothes that are dark or dull colored otherwise you will be roasted in the sun.

Summer Clothing

Summer generally characterized by wearing fewer clothes, and mild or minimal layering.

Ensuring that you maintain a sharp look summer long you should keep your style simple, get the right fit of clothes and make ingenious color combinations of your outfits.

Below is a break-down of specific summer outfits, tips and ways to make them work for you in the hot summer heat.


When temperatures hit double-digit numbers during summer, it becomes a trend, and you will spot a large percentage of the general population wearing shorts, but only a few of them know how to dress in them with style.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there is no formal event in which shorts are allowed as they are considered casual by nature.

Avoid shorts that have side/cargo pockets as it’s important that your clothes follow the lines of your body with shorts not being an exception- a feature cargo shorts lack. Remember, the goal is to keep your style sharp and straightforward.

Your summer shorts should fall right above your knee in length and should be flat front.

Ensure to keep your color options simple, and I would recommend you have more than one neutral alternative.

Given the casual nature of shorts, you can try to have fun with colors and still be able to get away with shorts bearing prints and louder colors.

 I would advise you put on something neutral along with shorts with loud colors to be able to bring balance to your outfit

Here you have an option of athletic, chino, and denim shorts among others to choose from.

T-shirts, Polos and Henleys

T-shirts sometimes get a bad representation, but they remain stylish and essential to every man provided you choose the right type and size.

I would advise that you avoid T-shirts with graphics and prints because most men end up going for extremely wrong choices that leave them looking like they are still stuck in college.

However, if you still want to pull off graphic T-shirts without having to look like a teenager, it’s simple, skip over T-shirts with crude puns, ironic pop references and cartoon characters.

You can settle for V-neck or crew-neck. Another option is Henleys also known as Y-necks which happen to be my personal favorite.

Polo shirts are another excellent choice for they are comfortable and unlike regular T-shirts, they have a collar which adds some style to the outfit. Therefore, a must have in your wardrobe.

T-shirts are therefore a vital summer clothing item and you should various types of them with different color variations.


Shirts can help you get through the summer and you ought to add them into your summer style mix.

Ensure that your shirts are made from the right fabrics that are breathable and lightweight to keep you in the clear when temperatures start to boil in summer.

Dull colors are an easy find and a good choice but when its summer, loosen things a bit and indulge some color patterns.

Patterned short sleeves are a popular pick, and in fashion these days, you only need to get creative. Avoid Hawaiian and bowling shirts-no need to dress like a weekend dad if you are not one. But keep in mind this does not mean ‘no floral” patterns at all.

Summer Pants

As weird as it sounds, pants can keep your body cooler than shorts. Being longer and covering the rest of your legs, pants have the added advantage of shielding you from direct sunlight. Pants made from the right fabrics will feel more comfortable, and you will sweat less compared to shorts.

It is advisable that most of your summer trousers are of neutral colors to compliment the colorful and bright summer T-shirts though you can still add some color to your pants.

When going for darker colors, ensure that the fabric is breathable, but in overall, pants with lighter colors will keep you refreshing in the hot sun.

You might also consider opting for canvas belts to leather ones as they are more casual and also look great when worn with canvas shoes.

When you are taking a walk or relaxing in the park, you require pants that are breathable. Jersey or chino trousers are going to provide that breathability that your legs need.

If you are still required to step into your office, a pair of trusty chinos is a no-brainer, and wool dress pants are an exceptional pick.

Wool dress pants come in various patterns, tones, and colors and since they make them from lightweight wool, they are stylish and breathable making them an excellent summer office pant option.

When planning to go out at night, you will need pants that will suit your cool and smart needs. Chinos, dress trousers and jeans come in handy and will maintain your temperatures at the desired levels.

You have many summer pants options which include jogger, khaki, jeans, cargo and dress pants.


It’s awkward being spotted wearing a jacket during summer but you never know there are some situations that you may need one.

 Jackets come in handy when you find yourself in formal situations or during the summer evenings and nights when temperatures drop.

Similar to most items we have discussed, the trick to finding the appropriate jacket for summer is to pick the right fabrics.

While you can opt for darker colors, lighter colored ones are advised to keep your body fresh. You may also decide to have fun with patterned ones.

It’s okay to wear jackets during other seasons in casual situations, but during summer, don’t go for a blazer unless forced by circumstance.

 Dressing in a blazer when temperatures are high does not make you look sharp but first makes you sweat more causing discomfort. Remember, it’s not stylish no matter what you dress in if you are in obvious distress.

Men’s Summer Shoes

Summer is full of a pool with shoe options to choose from especially for casual wear. While I prefer leather shoes, summer is marked with high temperatures where suede or canvas shoes are highly recommended and will keep your body cooler. Among the recommended shoes are:

  • Boat shoes-they are classic, and an excellent summer foot choice and a must have for every man. When you need to switch from your traditional trainers, boat shoes come in handy and come with a rubber sole. Coming in an assortment of colors and types, you have many options to choose from the footwear that that best suits you. They feel and look better without socks and have extra padding and grip
  • Canvas and trainer shoes-they are airy and have enough room that allows your feet to breath, great for taking walks, sports or going to the club.
  • Plimsolls-if you don’t like wearing espadrilles or trainers, plimsolls are your next big option. They are highly breathable and don’t take a lot of luggage space making them desirable for holidays and a practical addition to men’s summer shoes.
  • Loafers-they are a kind of moccasin that is lace-less, have small heels and come in leather or suede makes with the suede option being well adapted and preferred for the summer.
  • Espadrilles-originally used by the poor in parts of Spain, they have evolved to become a favorite summer shoe option. They are comfortable shoes made from cotton or canvas fabric that is breathable and ideal for summer.
  • Brogues-they are among the most formal shoes in this category and worn to most occasions. They come in many forms and makes though you may find them a little big for summer.

Dressing during the summer is full of a range of options, and as you have seen, it’s not hard to pull off a stylish and sharp look keeping your body fresh at the same time.

Dressing in the right fabrics, colors, loosening your clothes a bit and ensuring your outfits are summer appropriate will make your summer more enjoyable and comfortable.



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