There are already enough rules in life that society claims you should follow and when others are added to it, it can seem overwhelming. However, most of the guiding rules in life are overly beneficial, and as a young man, you will come to acknowledge it in later years.

Grooming for men is an issue that causes different effects especially because it is a matter spoken in male circles. Unlike ladies, men have not laid a lot of emphasis on fashion until recent years where more men are more concerned about their dressing. This trend his mostly influenced by the benefits accrued to decent grooming.

For a man to attain the status of a gentleman, your style of dressing should be upbeat and well informed to avoid weird situations.

Well dressed men command a lot of respect, and they attract the right company. Furthermore, good grooming instills self-confidence and high self-esteem. However, as a man, several tips will guide you to make the right decision every time you want to dress in the best way possible.

In this article, I may not highlight all the rules you need to follow. You may have to discover some for yourself, and others you will learn from other people. Whatever the source of your information, you will be glad to receive it as it will make a positive impact on your manner of style and fashion selection.

Wear a Proper Suit

The key to dressing sharp is to go the classic way. The key to a good suit is one that is fitting and there is not more to it than that. When buying a suit, it is best to go and try it yourself instead of using other means such as online buying.

At times, having your measurements at your fingertips is always a great thing to do, but different brands vary in sizes.

For example, XL in the USA is smaller than the XL in Europe, and this also applies to shoes. Therefore, as much as you know your body size, it is not always obvious that the suit will fit you.

There are also differences in shoulder and chest sizes which make the selection important to be done in person. The best color choices for suits are black and grey due to their versatility when worn with other clothing.

Invest in Accessories

Accessories add up to a good look and work as a complementary. When it comes to accessories, a watch is timeless, and it always works best with most of your outfit.

The secret with buying a watch is to buy it because you love it and not because it looks cool or is expensive.

Watches are personal, and most will last with you for a long time. Other accessories you can invest in are a good ring, a necklace and sunglasses.

Whenever you buy an accessory, ensure that it fits you correctly and that you will have something that matches it. Accessories should not be heavy or noisy.

Read Articles on Grooming

There is a lot of information on the web, magazines, books and TV shows that are concerned with men’s fashion and dressing styles. This form of media has a lot of information relevant to you on how you need to groom.

You will find valuable and practical information on how to dress and other expert advice that may be vital for you as you begin grooming. It also wouldn’t hurt to look at the people who are known to dress elegantly and draw your inspiration from them.

Stay Around People Who Dress Fashionable

Birds of a feather fly together. If you want to dress impressively, you need to associate yourself with people who have already achieved that consistency and are now ‘pro’. With such company, you will always find something new to learn on a daily basis.

People with vast experience in grooming are interesting to be around as they are also inspirational and possess a certain influence and somewhat wisdom.

Moreover, you will also learn other things that are not associated with dressing which can be beneficial to your life.

Know Yourself

It is important to understand the style that impresses people and shun away from cliche forms of fashion.

As much as you derive a lot of advice from experts, friends or what celebrities wear, you should be yourself. Put on something that makes you happy and feels satisfied.

 When you decide to groom in a certain attire, your focus should always be aimed at what you feel about, and it should be centered on personal gratification.

The moment you put on an outfit that you aren’t happy about, it will greatly affect your confidence.

Do not Fear Colors

It is not abnormal to find ladies who are afraid of putting on some colors such as those that are bright such as yellow, brighter shades of blue, green and the like. So, you can have an idea of how many men shy away from these colors.

However, if you want to be exceptional and dress superbly, you need to embrace these colors. All colors have their way of matching them, and once you put on a perfect combination, you will realize it is not as weird as you anticipated.

More color garments add to the variety of clothing you can groom which breaks the monotony of wearing repetitive clothing.

Check your Appearance

This is the kind of advice a parent might give to a child, but it is applicable in most instances in life. You need to understand that you are grooming for your benefit.

Therefore, you need to take care of anything that affects your look from your clothing, shoes, skin and hair. This kind of measures requires self-discipline on having your suit dry-cleaned and pressed, using wooden hangers for your shirts, washing your clothes regularly, putting your dirty clothes in a bean and your shoes on a shoe rack.

Furthermore, you need to learn how to take care of leather clothing and shoes as they need extra attention compared to other fabric. Other simple routines such as cutting your nails often, using mouth wash, brushing your hair come a long way to maintaining a good look.

Avoid Sophisticated Underwear

Grooming does not only apply to the clothing that is visible to other people; it starts with yourself. You need to learn that you are a grown man and novelty prints on underwear are not for grown men. Underwear are not billboards to advertise brands or an avenue to express personality or allegiance.

 Such wear will affect your confidence even if they are deep in your body and so you should seek high-quality fabric underwear mostly made of cotton. Cotton stands the test of time as it takes repeated washing without a tear, are comfortable to wear and feel good.

Spend on Quality

When investing in a good look, cheap is always expensive. Therefore, you should never fear to spend on something of high quality if you want to look stunning.

High-end quality clothes are always expensive, but you are sure to reap the value of your investment.

 There is a saying that goes “The pain of something cheap last long after you enjoy its sweetness” however before you go on a shopping spree buying anything expensive, you need to understand that not everything expensive is of standard quality.

Every time you decide to buy clothing, have prior information on quality choices and the prices they go for to avoid being disadvantaged.

Invest in Good Shoes

There is a street saying that goes, ‘A gentleman is a shoe he wears.’ In most instances, your worth is measured from the shoe you are wearing.

Unlike other clothing, the value of a shoe cannot be easily hidden, and amateurs can recognize a good shoe from a lesser one.

Investing in the correct shoe will enhance your appearance in a big way, and if it matches perfectly with your wear, you will be noticed due to your elegance.

Minimize your Accessories

Accessories are important to men’s clothing as they bring individuality to classic clothing, but they should be used carefully and sparingly.

 It is vital to harmonize your accessories with what you are wearing to avoid mismatching or juxtaposing two elements such as color or relevance.

 Keeping things at a minimum improves the chances of matching them up with the clothing. Using excess accessories at a go can confuse and make you look weird.

Dress for the Occasion

Every style is meant for a certain purpose and not to merely create self-expression. Dressing code is influenced by the environment in question and the special occasion.

The dressing code you adopt when going for a football match is completely different from that of attending a wedding. It is worth to invest some time to learn the great attire for each occasion.

 The biggest mistake people do in to conform to certain norms that limit creativity and choice of variety.

Use your imagination and be creative when it comes to every occasion and create your style of dressing.

Choose Versatility

When going for choices of clothing, the classic style is always the way to go, but nowadays, modern fabrics that come with shades have increased the choice of clothing.

Our collection should comprise of all clothes for both the warm and cold weather to avoid inconveniences it distinct seasons when you do not have the ideal clothing.

The choice of colors should also be informed about the colors with most probable to match with other colors. The secret is to buy a few clothes that matter.

Never Hire a Dinner Suit

There are instances where you have to attend formal occasions such as dinner, and you require standby attire for such events.

 Hiring formal clothing can be embarrassing because they are overused and cannot lack some abnormality such as looking beat, oversize or undersized.

Stick to the Classics when it Comes to Shirts

Classic shirts offer a lot of versatility as they can be worn without a tie or a jacket and still look alright. Therefore, nothing can go wrong with a classic shirt. However, it needs to be regularly pressed to avoid unevenness.

Trim your Wardrobe

When you are focusing on your ideal clothing, get rid of those clothes that you do not wear. The first principle to follow is to throw away any clothing you have not worn for the last four months; it is not important.

All you have to leave in the wardrobe is any stylish outfit that is relevant and those clothes that you will need during the cold seasons. You will be surprised by how much baggage you weigh upon yourself and how few clothes you need.

Look Effortless but Organized

A man should not seem as if he spent the whole morning in front of the mirror orchestrating the outfit he is going to wear. A well-organized gentleman knows what he needs to wear for each day and the accessories that go alongside the attire.

It should seem as if you just grabbed some cloth and put them on rather than looking as if you struggled to find the suitable clothing.

Try new things

You should not be bound by some of the norms and outfit suggested to you or those that conform to the societal trends. You need to be unbound and come out of your comfort zone to develop your style of clothing.

Try something that has not been tried before and see how it reflects on you. There is nothing more satisfying than wearing something that you feel elegant about yet it is you who has developed it.

Keep up with the Trends

Every time, you need to be aware of the development of the clothing and designing world. This action will keep you well informed on what you need to change and what you need to upgrade where necessary.

Final Thoughts

These tips are relevant for you to follow as a man. They will help you grow and learn how to become a better person. The development of the grooming habits solely depends on you, so make sure you put in the require time to become good at it.

When you follow those tips, you are assured to groom correctly at all time. Have fun grooming yourself and love what you do, because it is worth every time and dime.



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