The fashion arena for men is quite broad, and there are a variety of many flashy trends. The primary key to dressing the modern, stylish man is to ensure he looks smart and fashionable.

While shopping for formal wear, select an attire that will give you a calm, professional and classy look that will boost your confidence levels.

For a professional, there are many varieties to out their wardrobe for creativity and all you need is to own your look.

For most men working in offices, a crisp formal shirt and pair of pants is a mandatory fashion statement. However, you can spruce up your formal attire by accessorizing your appearance to suit your style, dress code and comfort.

Choosing the Right Formal Wear

For you to dress right, there are some guidelines that you must follow that includes the correct measurement to have the best fitting. Let’s start off by talking about those guidelines:

  • Your sleeves need to be of appropriate length and touch the bone of the wrist. The shoulder and arms of your shirt must be free from tension if you chose to wear a fitting shirt.
  • The appropriate shoulder length should be such that your shoulder is in direct contact with the edge of the shoulder line. While picking up a shirt, first dress and tuck inside, then lift your hands to check if it’s fitting well or not.
  • To confirm if your collar is of ideal size, tuck in two fingers on the inside to make sure it’s not too tight or loose. These guidelines will be suitable while shopping for formal wear.
  • If you prefer dressing in smart casuals to work and if indeed they are allowed, then you can try matching smart splits, for example, you can combine your favorite T-shirt and, match it with a flashy pair of well-fitting sleek leather shoes.
  • During the weekend, you can switch from your regular pants to a trendy pair of jeans trouser. Restraint from wearing torn or loose-fitting trousers. Keep things relaxed by consistently sticking to blue and black shades.

The following men’s formal wear styles ideas will guide you to dress like the kind of man you would want to look like and how to decorate your formal attire.

The Tuxedo

There is no mentioning of the word formal without thinking about the tuxedo. However, there are many variations of this traditional yet classy outfit that will give you the opportunity to customize how you look.

To make your appearance special you can also use a shawl collar, grosgrain, turn-down neckline, waistcoat and bow-tie.

The traditional tuxedos were black worn with a matching white shirt. However, you don’t have to worry about dressing to tradition, you can still wear a black shirt and embellish with pocket squares and cuff-links and suspenders if need be.

You can also integrate decorations in your flannel and regular shirts or stripes.

Formal Business Attire

A business dress code means wearing a pair of matching trousers and coat. A suit that has solid dark colors or a pinstriped suit would be appropriate if you receive an invitation for a business meeting.

For business travel, you can choose to wear a printed pair of black or navy pants and oxford shoes. You can Pair the suit with a white shirt to give you a fresh, polished look.

Cropped Trousers

The cropped trousers will add an edgy and street sensation to your outfit bringing out the fashion guru in you. They are a popular men’s formal wear style and can be worn in any occasion. The advantage of cropped trousers is that they are versatile, and you can wear them formally in your workplace and show up to a casual event later in the day.

  • They come in different shades, and you can easily choose one that suits your preference. Sometimes it can be challenging finding the ideal match that will leave you comfortable; however, once you get it right, you will naturally rock cropped trousers throughout the year.
  • The length you choose will show the level of risk in your fashion choice. Too long may not be appropriate and too short might make you appear as though you had grown out of the pair of pants when you were young
  • To dress the pair of cropped pants more formally, match the color of your trouser with that of the jacket. It doesn’t have to match but should be alongside similar lines correctly. Most men prefer dark tones however as it brings out a more relaxed style. If you must wear light colors, for example, white, you can match the shade with a pastel colored shirt and brown or blue shoes and a brown belt to split the outfit.
  • If you prefer dark colors, make sure your shirt is light colored as it will make the cropped trouser look classy and modern.
  • You will be able to slay formally with a pair of cropped trousers. It should be of an appropriate length and just a half inch shorter than the ankles. To achieve the formal look, match it with a cotton blazer of dark shade and a white shirt.
  • The type of shoes you choose when wearing the cropped trousers should be an essential consideration when you want that formal look. You will look best with some loafers since the cropped trousers draw their inspiration from a moccasin.
  • Black or brown loafers will be ideal though the choice of shoe colors will depend on the color of your cropped trouser. The primary objective is to keep the entire tone of your wear together and bring out that formal look.
  • For the cropped pants, you can wear them up or down. During summer days you can add some color by wearing a neutral shirt, and during winter you can add some layer to bring out that beautiful appearance.

Formal Wear with Turtleneck Tops

In a business context, a turtleneck is a men’s formal wear style fashion essential and will work out correctly like a shirt and tie. A turtleneck is a sideways transfer, and the swap will work out better as it will change the tone of your outfit.

  • Due to the soft nature of the sweater, it will bring out the visual impact of a smooth, fresh and relaxed outfit. The traditional turtleneck possesses the quality of calmness and appear appropriately refined; Styling is an essential part if you are going to consider this look.
  • You will feel more formal by complementing the turtleneck with a suit. If you have a business meeting, you can match with a blazer and a pair of navy or grey trousers.
  • When it comes to shoes, you can match with suede or brogue to bring out the elegance and soft feeling of the turtleneck.
  • During winter, you can wear your turtleneck sweaters with trench coat and formal trousers preferably cotton. To bring out the professional appearance, you can match with oxford shoes that will bring out almost semi-formal wear.

Summer Formal-wear

During summer, it can be a challenge trying to keep up with your fashion demands and selecting the best men’s formal wear style. It can be a daunting task since you may decide to wear something that is light in color and still manage to keep up with the official look, the most important thing is to achieve that cool yet comforting sophisticated look during your formal engagements.

  • When it comes to choosing an outfit that you can wear in the office, a beige cotton jacket and a neutral shirt and a pair of formal white or grey pants to match will make you look exquisite. So as not to appear dull, you can go for a smart printed or checked shirt.
  • When it comes to selecting a suit, it can be tough due to the heat. However, you can go for an outfit that is light in color with some summer shades.
  • Some Khaki Trousers are also appropriate during summer as they bring out that ultimate style in you wherever you go. You can match with a light blue shirt and a striped tie.
  • The Brunello Cucinelli is a sophisticated formal outfit that is new in the fashion arena. It’s a unique piece of gear that will bring out the modern, urbane gentleman look in you.
  • The disheveled jackets are also ruling the fashion space and are passing as stylish wear during summer due to the light-colored tones. You can go for either a beige or light blue jacket and match with any trousers.
  • For that hot smash look in the office, you can wear a checked shirt and a pair of blue trousers. Brown suede shoes matching with a brown belt will complement the look and not forgetting a stainless-steel watch to bring out some complexity.

Therefore, whatever your selection, maintain your business and class swag during summer by having the best outfit that will give some flavor to your wardrobe.

Printed and stripes blazers as an official wear

It might be boring to have the same simple attires every day, why not try a printed coat that has lines or any elegant design that maintains the professional charm.

Printed jackets are shockingly flexible and are a favorite men’s formal wear style.

They can be worn with different shirt styles and can go for all seasons. Go for colors like artichoke and Alabaster.

You can also try out different shades of grey since it keeps on trending and you can even wear it a variation of styles.

For the stripes jacket, match it with a pocket square that is light colored will make you look fashionable in the office.

The Three-piece Suit

The three-piece suit has withstood the test of time and will ensure you step out in style.

It is the foundation of men’s formal wear styles and brings out the uniformity and composure. They can be a standard collection in your closet, and you can wear it to work or dinner.

You can go for a formal classic three-piece suit blended with an elegant tie and a handkerchief to match to bring out a modern, sophisticated appearance.

You can also opt for a light-colored jacket and waistcoat, and the fabric should be textured. This outfit would be appropriate to wear during a formal event.

Formal Sweaters

You can break away from wearing a suit by selecting a dark knitted sweater and wear it over a crispy collar shirt and dark trousers.

To maintain the professional look of this men’s formal wear style, choose a pullover sweater with a pure color and shoes that have formal shades for example brown and black.

even though you can wear them as a warm outfit, sweaters are also fashionable and appropriate for formal events.

They have different necklines to suit your taste, for example, turtle, shawl V-neck or crew. When the weather is cold, you can go for the sleeveless sweaters, and during winter you can wear a trench coat above the sweater.

Printed Shirts

You can add printed or checked shirts to your wardrobe collection. They are quite flexible as you can wear them formally in the office. You can spice it with a simple tie and pants that are of dark shade to make it more professional.

Formal Attire with a Bow Tie

It’s entirely optional to wear a bow tie to an official event, and you can, however, use this men’s formal wear style to express your fashion style.

There is no much you can do about the variation in colors, what matters most is the cut that makes it stand out from the rest. You can wear it with a tuxedo or an elegant pair of pants.

You can wear it to a formal event such as a colleagues wedding party. Before adding a bow-tie to your outfit collection, it’s essential to be aware of what you want to wear.

Therefore, look your absolute best by completing your appearance with a stylish formal bow-tie and make that bold fashion statement.


Whenever you are choosing an outfit to wear for a formal event or to the workplace, look for those that are relaxed and fitting.

More importantly don’t forget to embellish your style with ties, belt, watch and handkerchief to give you that dazzling polish appearance.

The best men’s formal wear style is the one that will keep you in fashion for every season and occasion throughout the year.



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