By nature, men are not focused so much on their outer appearance when compared to women. Fact is, many men will take their appearance and grooming habits only so far. The reason being is that males are not females.

They just do not function in the same way as women. Men are focused more on qualities which show that they are strong, controlling, domineering, protectors and providers. These attributes for males rarely require a guy to have a good-looking outer appearance.

As a matter of fact, most guys will not even focus on being well-dressed or stylish simply because it is necessary for their role as a male. However, these norms are changing as society is changing. Modern men clothing styles are starting to revolutionize the way males look today.

Today, when it comes to clothing and fashion styles; men are starting to look just as good if not better than females.

 Many guys are concerned with being attractive and having style. They want to be seen by the general public as sexy, handsome and physically appealing.

Many men will dress the part to accomplish this goal. Throughout the ages there have always been men who desire to look in vogue. However, there are way more men today who are concerned with their outer appearance than ever.

Keep reading to discover where modern male fashion has arrived and where men clothing is headed in the future.

Tips will be provided to men to make the most of these styles. Remember: “Fashion is an expression of a people; but it does not define them”.

Keep reading to see how this bit of wisdom applies to the modern male of today and the men who will eventually inhabit the future.

Modern Clothing Styles for Men

Clothing styles last for many years because it is a defining characteristic for a culture or society. Style is what distinguishes a society from the other societies around it. It defines how people are seen in the world.

Styles change but not as fast as trends. When it comes to modern male clothing there are major categories that are starting to be transformed.

These modes of dress include formal wear, business wear, casual attire, functional gear, sportswear (athletic) and basic clothing. Certain types of clothing related to a person’s traditional culture should also be included.

We should also include trendy and special clothing as well. The following information will breakdown each of these major categories for men and why they wear them.

Business Wear and the Modern Male

Business wear is designed for dudes who work in the business world. This type of clothing is not worn by all men who work in the world of business. Male business attire is worn by men who work in white collar professions, high profile jobs, leadership positions and in professions requiring a person to consistently have a professional look.

 Professions such as lawyers, high-end finance employees, investors and even administrators typically wear suits.

The standard male attire for people in these positions include shirt and tie and suit jacket. There many different types of designers who make high-end custom-made suits for business professionals. Suits are also sold from the rack and they are even purchased from gently used or thrift stores.

Tip: Every guy should have at least one good suit in their wardrobe for business and interviewing purposes.

 Their suit should be a dark color such as black or dark gray since these colors can be worn in many different settings. They should also have a decent pair of dress shoes that goes with the suit.

Formal Wear and the Modern Man

Formal wear for men also includes suits. This mode of clothing is often worn to events such as weddings, funerals, gatherings, social functions and special occasions. This type of clothing can overlap with business wear.

All men should have at least one type of formal wear suit in their wardrobe. All men should have at least one black tie and a white button-down shirt. A blue button-down shirt is also useful.

Casual Attire for Men Today

Casual attire can be semi-formal or even relaxed. Casual clothing is often worn in businesses where the dress code is relaxed and by people who want to distinguish themselves from other styles of dress.

Middle class men typically dress up in casual attire. They usually wear a button up or polo shirt to help define this style.

 Fashionable or trendy casual clothing includes high end jeans, khakis or casual pants and shorts. Casual shoes such as loafers or slip-ons are also usually adorned by men who want to sport this look. Blazers and stylish button-down shirts also fit into this category.

Tip: All men should have a pair of khakis, a couple of polo shirts and some casual looking shoes that are one step above tennis shoes.

Functional Gear for Men

Men who dress functionally typically do so for their jobs or their way of life. Truthfully, if a guy is a farmer he doesn’t want to walk around in a suit or casual attire. Not unless he is operating a purely managerial position where he will not get his hands dirty.

Honestly, most guys who work in the great outdoors just do not dress up in suits when they visit the woods. Men who dress functional typically perform manual labor or live a lifestyle that involves physical activity.

Functional gear is also for regular guys who do not pay attention to how they look. This style can overlap with basic clothing and sportswear for men.

Items for this type of clothing include regular jeans, sweatshirts, khakis, t-shirts, work shorts, basic jean shorts, hoodies and even corduroy pants. Guys who wear this type of clothing usually don’t mind sweating or moving around a lot.

Tip: Men should have some basic functional gear inside of their wardrobe. This will provide them with clothing that will allow them to easily perform work related tasks without messing up their nice clothing.


Sportswear can be interesting gear for men to wear. Guys that workout and exercise a lot typically wear sports attire. Men who love sports and are fans of sports in general will also have a lot of clothing that will reflect this passion.

Sweat pants, jogging suits, hoodies, sweat shirts, t-shirts, jerseys, athletic shorts and running shoes define this style. Most guys might have a few sportwear pieces in their wardrobes, but their whole entire wardrobe is not made up of all sports gear.

 Not unless they are fanatics. This style of clothing crosses over into functional and basic wardrobe styles.

Tips: Guys should have at least one jersey for a sports team they support and some athletic gear for when they want to work out or exercise.

Basic clothing

Basic clothing typically includes all sorts of pieces. Basic clothing is not flashy or trendy. The colors are basic, and the style is average.

Basic clothing also includes jeans, sweatshirts and hoodies. Every man should have some basic clothing that can be worn everyday and can be worn out taking care of errands or just lounging.

Trendy and Specialty Clothing Styles for Guys

Trendy clothing comes and goes. Trendy clothing styles in the past included items such as parachute pants, biker shorts, leisure suits, oversized collars and certain name brand clothing. Certain labels used to be the in-thing for many years, but they faded away. Some went into obscurity.

  • This brings up another clothing item known as the skinny jean. Skinny jeans are an unusual clothing item. On the one hand they are accepted normal wear for guys, but they are also rejected by many men as well. Since this clothing item is both loved and hated, some guys will have this item in their wardrobe and other guys won’t. Skinny jeans are a serious style change from traditional pants or the baggy style. Skinny jeans are also a defining clothing item for modern males. This piece of specialty clothing is also helping to define men’s clothing styles in the future. More about skinny jeans later. Keep in mind that in 2019, certain clothing trends have changed drastically for males. Once again, we’ll get more into this new trend in a moment.
  • Turtlenecks and pullover sweaters are both a specialty and trendy item at the same time. These two pieces of clothing are optional for most men.They do not need them in their wardrobe. Truth is that most men really do not wear these two pieces of clothing items like they did in the past. As a result, these items have faded into the background of men’s fashion. Some guys still wear them to make a fashion statement or just because they want to look sophisticated every now and then.
  • Cardigan sweaters, long trench coats and duck shoes are other specialized pieces of clothing that fall into this category.
  • Sagging and baggy pants are out. Sagging pants is a style (and former trend) that many people wished did not stick around for a very long time. However, it is hanging on with some of today’s youth.
  • It was once a fashionable thing to do but no more. Baggy pants (or baggy clothing in general) is viewed as worthless. Many people perceive baggy clothing to be played out and they believe it makes a person look sloppy and unkept. Men’s trendy or specialty clothing items are not worn frequently like they were in the past. However, some guys usually keep at least one of these items in their wardrobe.
  • Finally, we should not forget about cultural clothing. Some guys where cultural clothing to reflect their ethnic group and identity. Muslim men will wear their formal garb out in public, men from Irish culture have a specific look and guys from Indian culture will also display their own unique brand.

Cultural clothing is not frequently worn in modern society. Sometimes, guys will sport their traditional garb with modern dress styles to express their cultural identity.

We are in a New Era of Men’s Fashion

Something strange is happening in the world of men’s fashion. As of 2019, male clothing is headed in a seriously different direction. This trend started way back in the early 2000’s but it is now gaining momentum.

Starting with the inclusion of the skinny jeans, men’s clothing in general has become softer and more effeminate looking. Remember that skinny jeans were originally made for women, but they were eventually targeted toward males. Young men are now wearing them as a part of their wardrobes.

When you closely observe many of the latest and cutting-edge fashion trends for males today; the styles and design are extremely different than in the past.

 Male clothing is displaying brighter colors, softer patterns, effeminate patterns and feminine cuts.

In some extreme cases, modern male fashions are now including skirts and dresses. That’s right, cutting edge modern fashion for men now includes skirts and dresses.

 At this point the average guy on the street is not wearing a skirt or dress out in public. However, many fashion industry experts predict, that this will be the norm for guys by the year 2030.

 The young males of today are being groomed for wearing dresses and skirts tomorrow. Why are fashion designers for men taking male clothing into this direction? It has to do with male clothing in general and changing social norms.

Remember that fashion reflects a culture and its values. Men are now in a changing culture that requires them to be different than they were in the past.

 Guys are being groomed for dresses because fashion designers realize that it is time to start changing the way males look.

 Truthfully, male fashion hadn’t been altered for the past 200 years. People are ready to move on today from the traditional male look that has defined men for centuries.

This is another reason why you will see guys paint their nails or wear eye liner. They (or the females of today) don’t see it as a “weird” or “queer” thing.

So why dresses, skirts, skinny jeans and effeminate looking clothes for males? Society is in the middle of a feminist revolution. The roles of gender are constantly being altered.

Male norms, attitudes, behaviors, values and responsibilities are being disregarded today. Women are now becoming more powerful, they’re taking on leadership roles and they are becoming more aggressive.

It’s not that society is trying to turn men into women; they no longer want them to be the dominant individuals like they were in the past.

The feminization of men’s fashion is to make them more equal to females. Future fashion for men is helping to bring about a greater equality between the sexes.

The average male today probably will not wear a dress or a skirt out in public but if you look close enough, a few guys are doing this.

Also, if you pay close attention to celebrities and high-profile public figures, many of them are already sporting these items.

They carry satchels, wear feminine like shoes and even have effeminate accessories as a means to change the norms of today.

In some cases, guys are carrying purses and pocketbooks. Check out the latest runway fashions for men, and you will see this change glaring through.

Keep in mind that all men will be affected by these altering norms for fashion in the coming future.

Sometime during the early 2020s it seriously might become more normal to see group of guys walking around in skirts, sandals and painted toes.

They will be heterosexual men who have beautiful women as their girlfriends or wives. The point is that men’s fashions are taking on this role and there is no denying this fact.

Men clothing styles are not going to change to the point where men’s traditional fashion is going to fade into obscurity.

There will always be males who done traditional masculine garb and nothing else. However, the inclusion of modern male fashion is going to shake things up in serious way.

 Truthfully, in the coming future, many men will probably have at least one-skirt, dress or feminine pair of shoes in their wardrobe.

Again, it is not that guys want to be girls, it’s just that these items are going to be accepted norms for males in future society if the current clothing fashions do not change.



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