Looking stunning can be really awesome. Which man doesn’t like
looking dapper while he crosses the street, garnering all the attention in the
world? If you want to impress the ladies, then dressing well can go a long way-literally! And dressing well is a great skill.

A good dressing sense can go a long way when it comes to creating an impression. You would be surprised at how many times your dressing sense could get things done for you. You are more likely to be noticed in a 3 piece suit rather than your pajamas while sporting a pair of crocs.

If there is any culture that has set a bar for men sporting undeniably amazing fashion standards, it would be the American and Korean fashion.

Often said to have a fashion that has been world renowned for its laid back and aesthetically pleasing attires, it has been widely aped around the world for its characteristic attires.

Who except the American men could sport a pair of jeans and white tees and look undeniably amazing? The Koreans are often touted to be one of the most stylish men in the world.

Combining street-wear with funk, they can make even the simplest of attires look extremely stylish.

Today, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to dressing like the Korean and American Men, to help you look like a million bucks.

Korean Fashion

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I am pretty sure most of you must be zuned to the tunes of K-pop. We agree they are really catchy, but isn’t it true that most of you can’t help but notice the incredibly dressed Korean Pop singers.

Most of us would agree that Korean men have an undeniably amazing fashion sense. They always seem to be updated with the latest trends in the fashion world and flaunt it with poise and without any extra effort.

Korean Men’s fashion is in fact so unconventional, that one cannot simply define it in simple words. One thing for sure is that it is not just a single look.

If you ever manage to watch an episode of the annual Seoul Fashion Week, you would land your eyes upon a flock of the most handsome men combining youthful street-wear with fine tailoring along with a tinge of punk which is rounded off with a palate of eye-popping colors on classic tones.

The Koreans have a wonderful way of working even the simplest piece of every day clothing into their dressing style. Whether it may be denim or casual jacket or topcoats, the Korean Men can pull off any look with the utmost grace looking stylish and simple at the same time.

Korean Dressing Styles

As mentioned earlier, Korean Men’s Fashion is not a simple formula. It is an amalgamation of a number of simple styles that seek to give off a stylish attitude.

It is always said that you need to dress for the occasion. The Koreans simply follow that. This is displayed by the various styles that Korean Men wear as they walk along the street:

  • Street Style

Koreans possess a different perspective when it comes to street style. Differing from mainstream fashion, they tend to go for colorful and stylish outerwear. They also possess the ability to pull off this style with the utmost ease.

Korean men believe that going simple doesn’t imply a lack of style. They choose to experiment with their dressing while taking inspiration from designers around the world. The emphasis is based on planning to wear a casual outfit that is not boring and hoping for the best.

One of the most common elements in the Koran Streetwear style is the presence of hoodies. Making a fashion statement, Koreans prefer adding activewear to their street attire. The stylish hoodie is often accompanied by comfortable clothing.

These include athletic track pants or gym pants which are usually of solid colors. Often this. These are accompanies with funky zips for a more mundane finish.

Often the streetwear consists of a topcoat which seems to blend perfectly with a minimally tailored streetwear. A popular combination includes skinny pants and denims that are paired with slightly oversized tees.

Korean streetwear also focuses on bold, bright colors. Bright hoodies are a thing among Korean Men’s style, particularly when they are paired with slim, active trousers and white slim fit shirts.

Often t-shirts are layered to give more of a skater finish. These are completed with a snug hoodie. One of the most common additions to this attire include brightly colored basketball shorts to give a more street athlete finish.

  • Casual Style

Korean Men’s casual style follows the best combination of comfort and style. One would notice that it is one of the most popular styles that can be noticed across the country.

Korean men prefer to go for a simple casual style that focusses on the absence of over accessorizing or extra layering. It is common knowledge that casual fashion trends are incomplete without denim jackets. Koreans adore denim and utilize it heavily in their casual wear.

One of the most popular combinations includes slashed sleeved denim shorts that are combined with a t-shirt. The t-shirts, particularly long-sleeved ones are often combined with an ensemble of a layered sweater and are usually cut at the elbow with home-job style.

A favorite among the Korean men’s casual fashion is the usage of the color black. The black contrasts the matching denim jeans thereby rounding off the ensemble.

Korean men also prefer to add a tinge of semi-formal into their attire. Particularly famous in the capital Seoul. Suits are often paired with denim to add a flavor of freshness to the overall attire.

Generally, these could include skinny fit denim pants or shredded ones that are increasingly popular in the modern age. A good addition to this attire would be a simple shirt and sneaker.

Often Korean Men seem to pair black colored pants with a striped, black or white shirt over them. Again, a dark blue denim jacket totally completes the look.

An important element in Korean Men’s fashion is to pair opposite colored sneakers to the attire to provide a more lasting impression. Generally, black colored pants are paired with oppositely colored sneakers such as red or brown.

  • Preppy Style

Korean men follow a preppy style that is considered fresh and trendy. When styled correctly it can give off a very expensive look while oozing out simplicity.

This style is particularly popular among teenagers and guys below the age of 30. Koreans men prefer to go with monochrome ensembles. A typical Korean ensemble is based on a three-piece setup.

These could include black slim-fit trousers that are often paired with long-sleeve tees and cotton topcoats. These attired provide a minimalistic element to the overall attire.

Korean Men’s fashion is also strongly influenced by jazz. One of the simplest attires includes pairing a simple print shirt with something minimal or something funky such as floral printed shirts.

Combine this with something jazzy such as bright shades or even some light silver jewellery and you are sure to make a statement.

  • Formal Style

Koreans have a way of styling themselves when it comes to formal attire. Korean formal style is often touted to be of the most sophisticated styles. A good thing about this fashion is that Men can go for this Korean style with ease.

The style focuses on perfect layering to get the perfect outfit. One of the most common styles that are followed in Seoul includes following a dark tone.

Koreans incorporate a lot of black into their attire akin to the earlier ones and sometimes even occasionally use primary colors to provide a more somber finish.

One of the simplest attires includes pairing a blue suit and a pink t-shirt. Sounds unusual but pairing it red stripe sweater provides a neutral finish that is one of the most popular fashion trends in South Korea.

  • The Rockstar Look

Women love the Rockstar look. The Korean Rockstar style is known to be one of the edgiest and sharp fashion trends that can be attained with great ease.

The looks are highly dependent on how the wearer wants to pull off the look. One of the most important aspects of this style is the attitude and confidence of the wearer and how they pull off the look.

Korean Men looks for a cropped and clean, biker jackets as a key element of their casual Rockstar layering. Leather jackets are a favorite addition to the overall attire.

Generally, the more leather, the better the overall look. Korean men base their looks upon a white t-shirt that is usually paired with classic blue denim and boots.

Good round off for this look is black leather jackets that add a 70s Clint Eastwood feel to their overall look. Another common feature is the incorporation of chocolate and mocha jackets that are again worn with a basic tee, denim jeans, and Chelsea boots.

  • Winter Style

What could be better than a man dressed for the cold season? The Korean love for black again features here. Koreans generally feature black outfits that usually followed with somber grey colored scarfs.

A popular combo includes black colored jeans with a patterned tee that is completed with puffy jackets and boots.

You could also add a beanie cap to this look. One could also pair denim with long coats to provide a fusion between casual and winter wear. This makes for a great winter and casual outfit.

American Fashion

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The American man is known to make a great style statement when it comes to their dressing sense. Drawing from a culture that is the melting point of a number of cultures in the world, The American dressing style is based upon the fusion of various styles.

Being a vast country, the American men prefer to dress up in a manner that suits their environment while pulling off the elegant look. The Americans prefer to go with a look that leans towards comfort.  

This is, in fact, evident from their look. One could find a difference in the look when you move from the hot beaches of Miami to the cold

frontiers of Alaska. The Americans prefer to focus on pairing a number of simpler attires that are well put together. Just like their Korean Counterparts, one cannot simply define it in simple words. They also choose to go for more conventional colors.

This would be evident by taking a look at the fashion brands in the US. You would lay your eyes upon a flock of the most handsome men decked in youthful street-wear that are generally more laid-back and conventional Just like the Koreans, they pull off this simple attire with the utmost ease.

American Men’s Dressing Styles

As mentioned earlier, American Men prefer Fashion that is both comfortable and simplistic. It is an amalgamation of a number of cultures and regions that gives the wearer a stylish attitude.

The Americans believe in dressing in a way that suits the environment. This is displayed by the various styles that American Men wear.

  • Street Style

Americans Men possess a unique style when it comes to street-wear. Possessing a culture that send the trend for street wear around the world, they tend to go characteristic and stylish street-wear. They possess the ability to pull off this style with ease.

American men believe that being simple is the right way to being comfortable. They choose to go along with a dressing sense that makes them feel comfortable. One of the most common elements in the American Street-wear style is the presence of hoodies.

Having introduced the trend to the world, it has made a lasting fashion statement. The Americans also use a lot of active wear to their street attire. These include athletic track pants or gym pants which are usually of simple solid colors.Often shorts are common in areas that are

closer to the tropics such as Florida and California. Being one of the hottest places in the country, men choose to move towards adequate exposure of their body to facilitate cooling.

In the northern reaches of the country, often street-wear is accompanied with a topcoat. The most popular combination includes skinny pants and denim paired with slightly oversized tees.

Denim is in fact a state symbol of California. American street-wear also focuses on simpler and conventional colors. Bright colors though are common in the state of Hawaii.

T-shirts are also layered for a skater finish, particularly among the youth. One of the most common American street attires includes basketball shorts that tend to be associated with the stereotypical American street fashion.

  • Casual Style

American Men’s casual style follows the best combination of comfort and style. One would notice that it is one of the most popular styles that has evolved due to the general laid back attitude of the citizens of this country. Again, American casual fashion trends are based on denim.

Having started the denim revolution, American utilize it heavily in their casual wear. One of the most popular combinations includes slashed denim combined with a basic white t-shirt.

The t-shirts particularly are often combined with hoodies or loose sweaters. American generally favor colors that tend to be simpler such as the classic white or denim finish. This attire also tends to highlight the slightly more muscular build that young Americans generally possess.

Just like the Koreans, men also prefer adding semi-formal attires into their everyday casual wear. Formal shirts are often paired with denim pants to give a more elegant finish to the overall attire.

Generally, these could include skinny fit denim pants that are combined with formal that are paired with white shirts that give off a simple but dapper finish. A good addition to this attire is the conventional sneaker.

Denim jackets also tend to complete this semi-formal look, particularly when they are coupled with a light t-shirt and short pants. These are often combined with sneakers that are usually of a similar color to the pants.

  • Preppy Style

American men follow a classic approach when it comes to looking fresh and trendy.They tend to incorporate a number of simple elements that give off a simple and fresh look.

You might have noticed this among American teenagers.American men prefer to go with more solid printed tees. These are often paired with loose trousers or cargo pants and cotton jackets.

This attire is bound to provide the maximum comfort while being aesthetically pleasing.Similar to their Korean counterpart, Jazz plays a very strong role.

Actually, an even bigger role. You could easily find this theme attached to most of the clothing brands in the US. These could include a simple print shirt or something funky such as a floral printed shirt.

You could also find bright shades and light jewelry popular among the African American culture of the country.

  • Formal Style

Americans have a way of looking like a billion bucks when it comes to styling themselves in formal attire.

American men follow a more conventional approach when it comes to formals. The style believes in perfect layering to get the perfect outfit. Americans incorporate solid dark colors to give a more business finish.

One of the simplest attires includes pairing a white shirt within a pair of black chinos. This is round off by a pair of elegant waist jacket and blazers.

Combine this with the well-polished shoes, and you have got an attire to show that you mean business. It is also generally advised to have a color of belt that goes with the shoes.

  • The Rockstar Look

The American Rockstar style is known to be one of the coolest fashion trends out there. The standard American Rockstar looks when pulled off correctly can give the wearer a feeling of attitude and confidence.

It also makes them a favorite among the ladies. American Men’s fashion generally involves a lot of biker jackets into getting the Rockstar look.

Made of leather, these jackets can often give a more expensive look to the overall attire even when they aren’t. It also makes the guy look tougher.

These can be worn over denim and a simple white tee or a casual shirt making it one of the easiest looks to pull off. Perhaps, most of us associate this look to classic American macho heroes of the 60s and 70s.

  • Winter Style

American know how to dress for winter. With a good portion of the country having an extreme winter season, they have come up with the best ensemble to help fight off the season while looking elegant.

Americans generally prefer clothing that offers immense cold protection. These include a layer of sweatshirts, jackets, coats and often waistcoats.

A popular combo includes standard denim with a long sleeved sweatshirt that is completed with jackets and boots.

You could also add a beanie cap to this look. You could also pair this look with a long coat and a muffler to make you seem more masculine and husky.

Comparison- Korean Men’s Fashion Style vs American Men’s Style- Which is best for you?

With both the countries offering a fashion trend that is both unique and appealing when it comes to Men’s style in the world, it is important to understand the intrinsic differences between both the trends and deciding which is better for you.

  • Korean men’s fashion leans more towards

well-fitted, tailored looks. They tend to prefer cut off shorts slightly above the knees that give a more fitted look. The American approach is different.

They prefer looser fits that give off a casual and comfortable vibe. While their cut offs also end above the knee, they are more of a loose cut that gives a more relaxed look. If looking preppy is your thing, then Korean men fashion is the thing.

  • Korean men prefer a much softer pattern

These can range from simple to really bold colors to give that characteristic summery pop. This also makes the boy next door look while looking incredibly handsome.

The American men’s style is more masculine and edgy to give the guy a lumberjack look. Hence the Americans win this when it comes to looking sporty.

  • An important difference between Korean and

American men fashion is that Koreans generally try to dress down. They tend to pair their coats with casual shirts which are often of lighter colors to give a sophisticated and fresh look.

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to look put together and fun. On the other hand, American generally are more splurgy when it comes to dressing and dress to impress. Thus, Korean Men’s fashion is the thing if you want to look simple and hot.

  • American men pull off the conventional

blazers, with the comb-over look. This is in contrast to the Korean style which tends to experiment when it comes to formal attires.

While this may be appealing and eye-popping, it often may not be the best thing to wear in a professional setting. Thus, the Americans win when it comes to meaning business.

  • Korean men prefer denim jackets that are

better fitted and of darker colors. They usually pair them with loose flannels. The Americans revolutionized the denim jacket.

They prefer a vintage; easy going look that would make you an ideal date for any girl out there. Again, the American win here.

  • The Koreans follow the classic buttoning up

for a reason. This is a look that never goes out of fashion. Tucking a crisp button-up into the pair of slacks is one of the looks that is always set to please the people around you.

American men on the other hand, have adopted the unique trend of half sleeve button up. This is a style statement when it comes to showing off your biceps.

  • American generally tend to be more muscular

and bulky when it comes to Korean Men. Thus, a tight fit tank top tends to highlight their muscular build. On the other hand, the loose tank top tends to ooze comfort when worn over the loose build of a Korean man.

This tends to make them look uber cool and relaxed. Thus, tank top in the American Fashion are a good choice if you have a muscular build.



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