People often think that dressing well is a woman’s thing, but it’s also essential for a man. When people think about the question of “how to dress well,” it could be difficult for them to believe that fashion and style is also important in the man’s world.

Keep in mind that the way you wear your suit, your style, and accessory says a lot about you. Here are some tips and tricks to give you more insight on the topic of “how to dress well as a men.”

Wear a Suite Well

The famous “suit and tie” song by Justin Timberlake does say a lot about a guy in a suit and tie. When you are wearing a well suited and well-tailored suit, it commands the respect from the room.

It tells people that you are confident, secure, and strong. This is important if you are at a job interview or trying to close a client. After all, a man in a well-fitted suit is very attractive and appears to be successful.

The most common problem with suits is that they need to be tailored. If your suit is too saggy or tight, it can send off a negative message. It can tell people that you are insecure, unsure, and lack confidence.

That is why having a professional tailor to fix your suit to your proper size can elevate your status in society.

The Perfect Watch

Watches are personal; it basically marks the passage to time. If you have a professionally well-fitted watch, it shows that you have the perfect masculine style.

Keep in mind that the watch has to fit perfectly on your wrist and not dangle around. It should be comfortable with the right size and diameter to the wrist.


If you are planning on a casual style, then jeans can definitely help with that appearance. If you pair a nice fitted gray T-shirt with some jeans, it will make you look like an adventurous, hard-core, masculine type of dude.

Usually a good Jean is wider in the thighs, but gets narrow as it goes down so you can wear shoes and sneakers. The wise men usually wear dark, raw denim for that bad boy sophistication appearance.

Keep your Underwear Simple

When it comes to men’s underwear, there’s only two rules. The first one is the novelty print shows that you are immature. Secondly, heavily branded underwear means that you lack sophistication.

The important thing is to wear what makes you comfortable, and to keep your underwear under the radar. I know that a lot of music video likes to show gangsters and thugs showing part of their boxers, but that’s just very unattractive.

Quality Shoes

The shoe says a lot. The best thing to do is to go for something classic and stylish like loafers, dark, plain, and derby. After all, it’s the shape of the shoe that counts.

It’s best to avoid those pointy or square toe shoe because it’s totally impractical.

Minimize your Accessories

The most common faux pas that guys make is adding too much accessories. When it comes to the topic of how to dress well men, less is always more. The best thing to do is to harmonize your accessories.

That means, make sure it matches and blends well with what you are wearing.

For example, when it comes to shirt and tie combo, it’s best to wear your pocket square or tie in darker shades than your jacket.

You’re basically trying to show people that you are free and you don’t care how you dress when in fact, everything is put together strategically.

Know Yourself

When it comes to styling yourself, it’s best to know yourself beforehand. For example, if you’re not a cowboy, then don’t try to be one. The idea is to be yourself and wear styles that fit you.

If you are a T-shirt and jeans type a guy, then stick with that. The best thing to do is emphasize on a high-quality and stylish T-shirt and jeans if you’re that type a guy. When you match perfectly with what you wear, you become more confident.

Dress for the Occasion

Before finding out what to wear, you need to know what the occasion is. If this is a casual get together with your friends during lunch, then you would need a more casual outfit than a sophisticated outfit that you would take for a party or networking.


A man wearing glasses shows that he is smart, intelligent, and sophisticated. It’s important to make sure that you get a pair of glasses that fit your face properly.

That means you don’t want it to be sliding off your nose or engorging your whole face. The right frame size can reflect a great amount of confidence and sophistication.


When it comes to picking the right shirt, always stick to the classic. It’s best to avoid bold styles, unless you can carry it off. Make sure to get a shirt with a collar that works well with a tie or can properly sit under your jacket.

Know when to Break the Rules

Whenever you’re going to an event, it’s essential to know what to wear. You want to stick to the dress code. If it’s a black tie dress code, then you should check your closet or go to the men’s clothing store to get one.

This is especially true if you’re going to high authority parties such as networking, professional events, or something with your boss in it. If the dress code is not that strict, that means you can be creative and break the rules.


If you are going to invest money on what you wear, it’s best to keep up with your appearance. Make sure that you shaved and keep your face clean, so you don’t look messy or disorganized. Use a wooden hanger for shirts and shoe trees for your expensive shoes.

It’s important to have your suit dry cleaned and processed. You want to wash your clothes on a regular basis, so it doesn’t give off an odor. Keep in mind, that it’s also important to look fit so make sure to go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week to build those muscles. Overall, dressing well as a man does require some work, but it’s worth it when the ladies are staring at you.



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