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It’s a well-known fact that men simply hate shopping. Every survey out there is always quick to depict men as sporty, pizza-eating, beer-drinking slobs. 

I personally think this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, the general man will not spend three hours in a closet trying to figure out what looks good in a bedroom full of clothes on the floor. 

Yes, a man may not spend hours in a store trying on shirts and then leave with nothing. Granted the average man simply isn’t found in clothing stores having fun

However, an average level-headed man cares about his appearance. I’ve watched many of my male friends’ glance at the mirror to make sure they are presentable before a party; shine their shoes before leaving the house; fluff their jacket before putting it on. 

All I’m saying is men care about their appearance and this includes fashion. I don’t see any men walking around naked in public, do you? And I must say, 90% of them look fashionable and put together. 

Based on my research, I have found that there is one simple reason why you might not find the average man in a store shopping till they drop! Are you ready for the answer?  Well, it is; 

-Men shop! They just don’t shop the way women do. They think about what they want, think about where they can get it, go into the store, pick THE item and go out. Shopping, done! 

Shopping for men is a task and not an activity! An article on GQ magazine showed that today’s man is an avid shopper. 

This conclusion came from an analysis of browsing data, surveys, and interviews. It was also found that this trend has grown due to the specific advertising targeted at the male shopper. Shopping is no longer just a woman’s game. 

While the habits might be different, men are now shopping as much if not more than women. 

Now that we understand men’s shopping habits, this article will simplify the shopping task even further. 

We know you’ll love this because it involves technology and your ‘oh-so-trusted’ gadget. Yes, you guessed right! It’s the magic of the app. 

Research has shown that the average shopper today spends countless hours on their phone, going through products, comparing prices and reading reviews, all in an effort to get the best deal and an amazing experience.

Why Fashion App for men?

They complement the mobile site: Research has shown that most people switch from the App to the mobile site which offers more information. When this happens, usually it means you’re interested and are willing to continue your experience. Men’s fashion is no different! If you find yourself browsing an app and move on to the website, it’s a sure sign that you have found the app for you.

Easy to use: They have been shown to be thought of as much easier to use than mobile websites. The problem is, companies are all in a rush to develop the next best App only to find it isn’t as easy to build a reputable app. Users must absolutely love it and it must be filling a gap! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve excitedly downloaded an app, used it for less than a minute and uninstalled it immediately. So, if you haven’t done this already, you may be an ‘I now love shopping’ convert!

Offers a controlled shopping experience: Often going to the store triggers impulse purchases. You see more than you bargained for and find nothing that you budgeted for. Apps allow you to enter specifics on what you need and displaying only items that relevant to your entry.

The lone shopper: If you’re a man that doesn’t like crowds, using an app to shop is the way to go. You still get to see a variety of merchandise if not more and you don’t have to deal with the crowds, especially on weekends which is when most of us have time to shop.

Pressurizing sales clerks: I know sometimes the sales clerks are offering to help but, I can’t help feeling like there is a hidden agenda. Before you know it, you are being guilted into buying something you really didn’t want. Using a men’s fashion app eliminates this pressure and with most apps, you can save your preferences and come back to it later, all without paying a dime.

Privacy: This might not be the case for some, but I know, I get a little antsy when buying underwear and when it comes time to pay, the cashier holds it way up, stretches it and folds it- for all to see. All sorts of insecurities run through my head. If you’re like me and like your privacy, using a fashion app offers all this and more.

Gifting: A men’s fashion app is the perfect way to do this. All the packaging and shipping is a one-stop shop. Some apps and mobile sites offer to gift wrap their merchandise.

Receipts: Most apps, like stores, have a return policy which usually can’t happen without a receipt. Using an app gives you an electronic copy that isn’t easy to misplace like a paper receipt.

In summary, getting a man excited about a shopping app might be a difficult task, however, it has been done and it has its advantages as we’ve outlined above. In this article, we will outline the ten-best male-tested apps in the market right now. So here goes! 

Fashion App: Snap Fashion

This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android software. As its name suggests, it involves ‘snapping’ a photo. The interesting thing about this app is that it revolves around color. Shopping around can get gruesome when you find the exact garment you’re looking for BUT the color isn’t what you had in mind.

What Snap fashion does is allow you to take a picture of the color in mind and then uses your photo to fins hundreds of garments in that color.

 You can then sort these items according to the type of item you are looking for or weather season. Snap fashion can also match trendsetters to your search and can give suggestions based on the occasion you are looking to dress for. If this isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is! 

Fashion App: Mod Man

Mod Man is different in that it uses pictures of your existing wardrobe to come up with exciting combinations. So just when you feel your clothes have lost their wow factor, this App gives you ideas on how to mix and match items thereby refreshing your current look and style. 

There is something about taking what considered washed up and refreshing it into a whole new look. You can also buy new designer pieces with this app as well and yes, it is iOS and Android compatible. 

Some customer reviews stated that it doesn’t save your preferences which can be a downer, but hey, shopping for men is a task, not an activity right? 

Fashion App: Mr. Porter

This App is the extension of the Mr. Porter store, only you get to search their available merchandise and more. Over the years, Mr. Porter has added over 400 labels to its catalog widening the scope of the male shopping experience. 

They haven’t gone out of business, which is another sign that men are shopping more than ever. We picked this App because of one pretty cool aspect.

 It contains interviews with renowned fashion experts that give tips and options of what to wear and what goes well with what. It is a rare gem in the App world for sure! It is easy to use and is iPhone and Android compatible. 

Fashion App: The Hunt

This is another app involving taking a photo of an outfit you see and like. The difference is, once you take and upload the picture, there is a wealth of people who are also Hunt users, waiting to tell you where you can find the items including their names and stores that carry them. 

You can also ask this Hunt community for suggestions on what to wear to a particular event. As a Hunt user, you can be a contributing member of the family and offer such advice to other users as well as making this an interactive app all around. It is Apple and Android friendly and a news hub on all things fashion

Fashion App: Fitbay

I absolutely love this App because it is in tune with every kind of body shape and size. You simply take and enter your measurements into the App. It has a guide on where to place the tape measure in order to get accurate measurements.

Then, clothes tailored to those exact measurements are displayed for your shopping pleasure. No more fitting rooms for you! I’m a little old school and have missed the art of going into a tailor shop, getting measured and having my clothes tailor made to fit. This app brings this back for me and in a very trendy way. 

Fashion App: Mallzee

 Welcome to the ‘Google’ of fashion! Mallzee is in tune with a wealth of fashion companies and their Merchandise. Simply search this app and suggestions appear – yes, just like Google, only it’s all things fashion.

 If you know the store you love but couldn’t be bothered to go in, Mallzee is the App for you. All you need to do is enter specifics about the item you are seeking e.g.

its color or size and the garment will be displayed ready for your buying pleasure. You can also search for clothing by companies as well. Mallzee is also iPhone and Android compatible. 

Fashion App: Stylebook Men

This is another app like Mod Man that allows you to take pictures of your existing wardrobe. It offers mix-and-match options and ideas on how to wear your clothes. 

The main idea behind Stylebook is that you basically have a virtual wardrobe. You can see all your clothes and can plan a week’s worth of outfits also according to the occasion. 

If only you could download the actual clothing from the phone, right? Like a sci-fi movie that has gone oh so right. 

Fashion App: Real Men Real style

This App is more of an educational platform on ‘how-to’ information. You can get tips on almost anything you need to know when it comes to men’s fashion. 

Don’t know how to tie a tie? This app will show you. Need more in-depth knowledge? The app comes equipped with e-books and fashion blogs. 

You have your own personal professor following you around advising and ready to answer any question you may have. 

Fashion App: JackThreads

I personally like this app because it supports the designer on the rise. I find that the big multi-billion dollar designer companies have left little room for the underdogs.

So, in JackThreads, you may not get Vogue or Dolce and Gabbana, but you will get amazing designs from designers on their way to the top.

When you order your items, JackThreads will package them for you in a classy way. Once you set up your profile, JackThreads will send you notifications of ongoing or upcoming sales. This app also keeps with the times so don’t worry, you are not getting last season designs. It is Apple and Android compatible as well. 

Fashion App: Instagram

Now this list wouldn’t be complete without talking about the gram, would it? Instagram is the mother of all things current and fashionable.

I personally think it is the mother of all apps. I love this App because it involves real people, doing everyday things that we can all relate to. 

There is also a community of men’s fashion bloggers who tell it like it is, show pictures and give links and advise on how to look and be dapper. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Our summation of the top ten most appreciated  fashion Apps for men. The list caters to all types of personalities, shapes, and sizes. There is something for everyone, so enjoy! 



Fashion allows me to push the limitation of creativity and express myself without saying a word. Semi-Formal Men is my not so formal fashion blog. I’m a very easy person to talk to, so please feel free to contact me anytime. :)

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